Ignite Business Bootcamp: Group Coaching

business bootcamp

A great business idea + passion + motivation

unfortunately does not equal a successful business. It takes more than this.

Knowledge, direction, support, and persistence are key ingredients that must be combined with your great idea, passion and motivation in order to start and sustain your own business.

The group coaching program – Ignite Business Bootcamp guides you through the step-by-step process to help you shift from having just a great business idea to your business being a reality.  The program provides the base knowledge you need to start your own business.

What you will learn:

  •                 The focus, niche and mindset you need to have a viable business
  •                 A system that give you the steps you need to build your foundation
  •                 The processes and applications that will support your business productivity
  •                 How to set business goals and develop a realistic start-up budget
  •                 How to develop service packages and how to price your services
  •                 Marketing tactics to target your ideal patient or client
  •                 Effective selling techniques and how to close the sale
  •                 Tactics for successful patient or client business relationships and how to manage difficult clients


Who is the Ignite Business Bootcamp for?

For people with a great business idea and who are ready and committed to start their own healthcare business.

What is the Ignite Business Bootcamp?

A 4-week group coaching program that helps people gain the knowledge and confidence they need to start their own business. The 4 module program covers topics such as systems, applications, business processes, sales, marketing, pricing, productivity, business management, managing client relationships, plus other important concepts.

Added bonus:

A weekly Q&A session is also offered by Nicki for Bootcamp members. All members also have access to a private Facebook group moderated by Nicki to share ideas, learn from others and ask questions.

Why is this program ideal for you?

Because you are passionate about serving your patients and clients, having your own business and you need a system to follow to start your own successful business.

Where is the program held?

The program is offered by webinar and the sessions are recorded so you can save and review them whenever is convenient for you.


You will the have knowledge and confidence you need to start and grow your virtual assistant business.
The program includes homework that will ensure that you continue to move forward to launching or growing your business.


Please note that your business concept and related information is confidential and Nicki does not share any of her clients’ business information with anyone. Any information members share with other participants is at their own discretion.


Module One: Focus, Systems and Mindset

  • Defining your focus and niche
  • Systems & processes
  • Must have applications
  • Gain clarity and confidence

Module Two: Business Management & Productivity

  • Goal setting and budgeting
  • Business productivity applications
  • Client account management applications

Module Three: Sales & Marketing

  • Value proposition and service differentiators
  • Marketing tactics to find ideal clients
  • Pricing and packages
  • Successful selling

Module Four:  Managing Client Relationships

  • Proactive tactics to support great client relationships
  • Must have documents and approaches
  • Managing difficult clients

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